Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Brain Dead after Dental visit.

The other day while surfing on the net, I slearned about the horrible tory of a girl became brain dead because of dental treatment.
The girl was getting treatments done by a paediatric dentist. General dentists refer little patients, who are not co-operative to pedodontist. Some times, the kid need more care than the general dentist can offer.
But, what went wrong in the dental office, that made the little girl brain dead?

The article says the kid had breakfast before procedure. Was it known to the dentist? Does it made the complication? a lot of un answered questions.

How on earth, the kid had so much decayed teeth to begin with?
Wasn't the drinking water fluoridated in Edmonton?

I am so sorry for the family. Hope, this sad fate will something positive in the end.