Monday, February 24, 2014

Dycal: Information for Dental Assistants

What is Dycal?
Dycal is a cavity liner, which comes as a two paste system, base and accelerator. It is Calcium Hydroxide. It can also be used in pulp capping.
It usually used when the dentist feels like the cavity is so deep and almost the nerve is almost exposed. The calcium hydroxide will help the tooth to heal. 

How to Mix Dycal
Here is a video of how to mix the dycal.

Usually the assistant gives the Dycal along with a Dycal applicator to the dentist. (Dycal applicator looks like a ball burnisher but slightly different.)
The one above is single ended. The one below is double ended and you can see how it is different from a ball burnisher.
It is a hard setting and has low solubility. Dycal helps the restoration of pulp vitality and do not interfere with composite filling materials.

If doing composite fillings, usually dentist put Dycal first, then do the etching, bonding and placing of composite.

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