Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bitter experiences in Dental Assisting

In the last post we tried to show the Dentist's point of view of a perfect dental assistant.
Now let us discuss about the Dentists, I worked for over the years.

 In the past I worked with dentists who believe there is no need to talk or appreciate a dental assistant. Then there was the one who don't like to respond to an enthusiastic, cheerful "Good morning Doctor". 
Then I had more than one  Dr.X who never want to pay the staff. They conveniently forgot the pay days. Then they changed the biweekly pay days to once a month, because, it is too much wastage of check leafs. Many do not like to print the pay slip, because "it is just a waste of paper, right"? 

I worked with one Dr.X, who has an office in upscale area. I was told, the office cannot give me a rise, because I cannot clean the aquarium without help. 
Then there is one who talks about money in every other sentence. For example, "people buy costumes and candy for halloween, it is just a waste of money right?" But, then, "I do take my kids for trick or treating", because "it is just for the kids". 
You will know when you have a mistake, but you will never know when you did something really right in that office. 

Another Dr.X was more interesting. The dentist who hugs and bullies... You never know what is going to come the next moment. With a high employee turnover, the dentist is still thinking why the assistants are not staying for long....

Let me tell you, I never offered medical or dental insurance in any of these offices. 
On the ODAA facebook page I have seen one assistant mentioned about the benefits. Like one of my receptionist friend said, "when you retire, and getting out of the office, we will give you a kick from your back, to help you get out faster."

I will tell you about the better experiences from dental office in one of the future postings. 

Now, do you wish to share any of your experience? 

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