Sunday, December 22, 2013

Dental assistant's story of a new Scrub

To work, we, dental Assistants need scrubs. Recently, I started going to Mark's work Wearhouse 
I love their scrubs. The stitching is nice and the style, awesome!

The price is a bit more than what I love to spend. Yet, I wanted something to make feel good while I am working. Tried a few scrubs to find the one I love. I really love the people working in the store. When I bought the first pair, I received the "Scrub Club" card. It works like this: If I buy 5 from them on regular price, I can get the 6th one free. The "Health Pro" scrubs were my style. 

The following months, I went back to the store and bought more. 
Bright pink, grey, blue...Now I have filled all the 5 stickers on my card. Each time, I am getting a discount card to be used for next time. That makes me visit the store again and again. ( I love the store any way, right?)

Now, let me tell you what happened with my last pair of scrubs. It was perfect and i was glad to own it. 
At work, the dentist asked me to get the Pridex rince. It was kept underneath the sterilizer unit, in the lower shelf. While I was sitting on the floor to get it in a cup, the scrub pants went low. I didn't realize it. My back was clearly visible to the patient sitting on the chair in the treatment room. My dentist, who happened to see it, later told me secretly about the incident. 
Yes, DAs, it is very embarrassing... Now my question is how can we let the "Health Pro" know about our concern about the scrub pants...

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