Thursday, December 12, 2013

Tofflemire and Matrix bands: Tips for Dental Asstiants.

In Toothtalkings, let us talk about tofflemire and matrix bands today.
In restorative dentistry, all dental assistants are familiar with the use of matrix bands. We prepare the tofflemire and band when dentist is doing a posterior interproximal cavity. The band will create the interproximal wall and thereby prevent the composite or amalgam from coming in contact with the adjacent tooth.

When I got job with present Dr.X, I could tell, the previous assistant was not so sure about the tofflemires from the way the matrix bands were prepared in the restorative tub. So, when I got invited to be the writer of this blog, I thought, I would write about that. 

The picture below is a regular matrix band.

You can use a ball burnisher to contour the band before placing in the holder. Just use the burnisher to rub in the middle of the band. This will give a thinner interproximal wall when placed on the tooth. Do I have to say it will be more comfortable for the doctor to place it? 

Now, let us see how they look when placed properly in the Tofflemire or matrix band holder. 

I found this video helpful in placing the matrix band in the holder.
The picture above shows how to prepare it for different quadrants. 
My tip for Dental assistants is:
1.When you hold the holder with the slot facing up, if it resembles small letter "p" it is for quadrant 1 or quadrant 3.
If it seems like a small letter "q", it is for quadrant 2 or quadrant 4. 
2. Have a wedge ready to go after handling the holder to your dentist.

The video below is also useful. It shows the contra angle holder, which is useful if your dentist like to place the band lingually. 

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Remember, we won't use matrix band with IRM fillings.

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