Saturday, December 21, 2013

Do dentists really trained to work with assistants?

North America, dentists hire dental assistants to help them. The assistant is anticipating what the dentist might need next in delivering treatments. This co-ordinated working makes the procedure done faster and effectively. It helps the dentist to concentrate on the tooth they are working. This is also helpful in reducing the dentists fatigue. 

Then why dental assistants are taken for granted? 

Let us look into that:  One assistant told me she trained in India as a dentist and was working there several years. They did not have dental assistants. They don't have the high volume suction in the office. The patient has to get up and spit in between. The dentist does everything during the treatment. There is no one to help them keep the area dry or to adjust the light. They see fewer patients than an average North American dentist. To those dentists, a  dental assistant, is just another person to be paid and they don't value the skills of the assistant. 

The DA schools will teach us the transferring of instruments and how to retrieve the used instruments. But, what if the dentist is not used to giving back the instrument? 

I just passed the condenser for plugging the composite. Then, while transferring the burnisher, I am supposed to retrieve the condenser. But, what if the dentist just put it on the tray and grab burnisher from me? If there is a second tooth to be filled, I have to extend my hand over the patient to grab everything back from the tray. It is decreasing my efficiency and thereby slowing the dentist. 

Now I am left to wonder, didn't they got trained in their school with assistants?