Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Premolar bitewing positioning Digital X-ray

Radiographs are very important diagnostic tools in dentistry. 

I was looking for some tips to take the bitewing X-rays with digital sensors.
The molar bitewings are easier to me. I have difficulty with bicuspids usually. 

I didn't get much help with the above video though. The out of the circle placement of the PID is not shown clearly. Did any one understand it correctly? The comments being disabled, there is no way to ask for clarification.

The main difficulty is to get the half of the canine on the X-ray. The sensor being bulky, patients complain it is hard to close the mouth. 

Right now, with digital X-rays, I am trying to say "close gently" instead of "bite".  With just change of words, I am getting less complaints. 
To keep the sensor safe, I try to wrap the wire on the arm of the holder too. Wish, some one comes up with more practical tips...

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