Saturday, October 12, 2013

The New Dental Assistant duties at the office

My friend was looking for a part-time dental job, during the week. 

She found one through Kijiji. (The new place to look for assistant jobs)

Let us call her Pat. Pat is a dental assistant for over a decade. But, some how, she got tired of the dental offices and quit from her full time job. She promised herself not to work full time again in a dental office. 

Things are changing, and now she decided to find one more part time job along with her current weekend gig.  This one will be for a day at a new office.

The first work interview was fine. The dentist liked her. She liked the office. It is new and everything is nice. The dentist will pay only $15. She want to give it a go. Now, when she started her first day, they want her to mop the floor and clean the washroom too. 

Pat told me, it is not great to do the floor too for the same wage. 
She is doing all of their sterilizing, chair side assisting, dental X-ray, pouring the models etc. A janitor service will cost the office more money and dentists are making the assistants to do several non-assistant duties for the cheap wages.

Pat is frustrated. But, she needs the money for the time being. Can you blame Pat for started looking for another gig already?

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