Friday, October 11, 2013

The Extracted Tooth

"The tooth is aching". The patient complained. 

The dentist was charmingly explaining about options... But, the middle aged patient insisted on extraction. "Just take it out, please"

It is just the time for another extraction.

I like the extractions. I confess, the boss don't like to do many. 

"This one is looking not that complicated, I will do it for you". The dentist said.  So, there, I am a little excited to assist a little different procedure than the regular stuff.

The tooth has a big hole on it. But, still, it can come out as one. 
After the anesthetics (They say, freezing)  are given, the elevators and the forceps are at work.

The tooth, which didn't get much care in its lifetime was stuck with a lot of plaque and the gums were ready to bleed even with the soft touch. 

I just have to hand out clean gauze to soak the blood and give suction to keep the area visible. 
In between, the dentist, being so caught up in the work, left the things on the counter top, which were supposed to be in the tray.
Finally, when the tooth was out, it looked so dull and bloody. It was just laying on the counter on a white tray paper, sadly.
With a hole on it and the bloody root it still had left a little life on it, I thought.

It is supposed to be disgusted... I didn't felt that way at the moment. When it was time discard it, I can't resist to give it a final washing. There you go Tooth, Rest In Peace now!!

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