Thursday, November 14, 2013

Dental Office with wiFi

I was just browsing the web on the other day. Obviously, I got interested in new things about dentistry. That is when I stumbled on the idea of dentists providing free WiFi for patients. 

Since most coffee shops, restaurants and many other businesses are giving free WiFi, why not dental offices too, right?

I think, it will be great and patients will love it. By the way, the staff will also love to use the free WiFi. Who doesn't love to have quick look on Facebook during lunch time(if you have one)?

It can be used to advertise the special cosmetic services offered by the office too. 

When there is a family dental appointment, patients will be especially thankful for the service. Think about a typical young family. The naughty pre schooler can be comforted by a game on dad's smart phone, while the older sibling is getting a cleaning. 

How is it going to work out for the dentists in Ontario? Are they allowed to charge more for the  extra service? Let us wait and see... 
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