Friday, November 8, 2013

Dental Assistants and Lunch time

There is a Facebook page for Ontario Dental Assistants Association.  I have seen a discussion there about the DA's lunch time.

Many busy offices, do not schedule lunch time for assistants. The law requires to give half hour break if the work day is five hours or more. 
On the Facebook page, many said, they just munch on some thine, while running around to finish the work. 

I was given unpaid lunch time in one of the offices. The funny thing was, while I was unpaid, I was not allowed to leave the work place and was required to work during that time. Long story short, I am not working there anymore. 

At my new place, I get time to have my lunch. Reading many of the comments on the Facebook, I know, I am just better off.

Why you are not getting the time to have lunch? 

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