Monday, November 25, 2013

Lidocaine 2%: How dentist finds out how much to use

Without knowing details about the dentistry, the assistant can survive. I need to know the dentists' choice of instruments for the usual procedures and how to sterilize everything along with taking the X-rays ordered by the dentist. 

Sometimes, I can be just curious to know how can you understand how much is too much anesthetic and things like that. I don't dare to ask such questions to Dr.X anyway. As the X indicates, the Dr.X mentioned in the blog is not one particular dentist, I think, you must know.

Now, let me assume the child on the chair is just 60 pounds.
That is the child has weight of  (60X1/2.2) =27.27kg

Maximum dose of Lidocaine is 4.4mg/kg.

Weight of child X maximum dose = 27.27kgX4.4mg/kg=120mg 
One carpule of2%= 20mg/ccX1.8cc = 36mg

Maximum no. of carpules can be used = 120mg/36mg, which can be rounded to 3 carpules.


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