Thursday, November 28, 2013

Introduction to tooth fairy

I love the kids who visit the dental office.  With a little chit chat with the kids is very pleasing for the dental assistant. Guess, most of you like that.

In North america, most children know about Tooth Fairy. When the baby tooth fells off, they get money from the Tooth Fairy. Toronto, having a lot of immigrants, some times I get the chance to introduce the fairy to them.
Recently, when Dr.X was chatting with the mother, I got such an opportunity. The pulpotomy failed and the next option is extraction. While Dr.X, (the associate dentist) was busy explaining to the parent, I was telling the kid about the fortune Tooth Fairy can bring. She told me she never tried giving the tooth to the Fairy yet.
Now the kid is very excited about getting the extraction done. She is going to keep the tooth under her pillow to get money. 

This particular location of office is not my regular work place. The mom was giving me the evil look and I know she is not that fond of the Fairy. Anyway, the child is going to come next week for the extraction. I will not be there on that day.  

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