Friday, November 29, 2013

Post and Core

I would like to tell you the story of a post and core. 
Actually, it was a great fun experience. 
I know, you are raising your eyebrows , " you were having fun in assisting????"

Yes, that is me. I can find fun in many ways. (I was not laughing loudly though). My new Dr.X was doing a post and core. Actually the tooth got RCT done a long time before. Now, the tooth is broken. So, a post and core is necessary before the crown.

I am much familiar with Dr.X's fillings and extractions. But, this is the first time she is doing a post and core with me. So, it must be hard on her to ask for everything...

First Dr.X removed some of the GP. I was pretty sure that she needed a heated instrument to remove the GP and may be going to take couple of Xrays to make sure how much she needs to remove. 
I was also sure that she might needs the GGs. When she asked for all of those things, I patted myself, "Atta Girl, Me!!".

The patient was a very chatty one and very comfortable with the treatment. In between, he just asked me what I am doing and how I learned to do what I was doing. I was happy to explain about my schooling and the my duties in the office. 

Dr.X decided to use metal post and composite core. Since I was pretty sure about Dr.X's favourite filling instruments, it was easy too.
I am glad to tell you that it was a successful procedure. 
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